Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Farewell to Cocky (He's a cockatoo btw)

The bags are packed, we're ready to go (sorry we can't remember the next bit) but we are leaving on a jet plane (least we hope it's a jet not propellers - you can never be sure with Air Niugini!). So we will be heading to Sydney, Hawaii, Toronto then Blighty!

Mugs in short supply so Phil enjoy a refreshing milk jug of Number 1 (Nambawan) tea in Kiunga Guest House

Had to say a sad farewell to Cocky the Cockatoo for the next 3 weeks but as usual he was playing hard to get even though we brought banana and paw paw for him. He just king of puffed himself up and turned himself upside down and looked at us. As we walked away he squawked something at us. He's a bit contrary - I think that's why Sandra likes him so much!

We are looking forward to meeting up with friends and family and sharing some stories and the occasional glass of wine and real ale!
We are looking forward to seeing the progress on our garden when we get back. We planted a few bit in the foreground of the picture but they may well die before we return. Who knows it could be transformed - well the pile of cement might go!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Phil Spots a Local Bargain in the Wine Department and Some Birds of Paradise

At just under a tenner for 2 litres of wine this offer seemed too good to be true. Locally made banana wine with no added preservatives should be very tasty a light fruity sweetness with just a hint of banana and vanilla pod. The first indicators however were more accurate.
It looked like a hospital sample and did indeed taste like ****.

It was no good perhaps an hour or two in the fridge will improve it. Did the bottle need shaking up? Did the journey from the supermarket disturb the delicate bouquet? Perhaps it needs to acquire a vintage? Perhaps the plastic bottle it came in had been tainted? Like Phil's early attempts at wine making it was declared undrinkable (for now)

Earlier in the week we travelled to Kiunga. We managed to spend a couple of hours in search of the Birds of Paradise and were treated to a fantastic display. Our photos don't do the birds justice or capture the sounds (or show the mosquitos and leeches!). A very special trip.

Back in Moresby we returned to our customary Saturday which consists of having a very lazy morning, a trip out for lunch followed by an even lazier afternoon usually involving a snooze. Today we tried an alternative restaurant rated number 1 in our guide book. Although there was plenty to eat it was very "unthai-like" which was disappointing as it was supposed to be a Thai restaurant. Never mind. A common feature of all lunch trials is the time taken to be served with food. It does mean you do acquire an appetite.

Only a week before we embark on travels outside of PNG. Phil and Sandra will have to adjust their driving techniques. A Dodge Charger awaits them in Hawaii. Do they have speed cameras in Hawaii?

After months of flying on small 30 seater propeller planes it will be strange to get on a BIG plane. We are really looking forward to visiting a real airport lounge!!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

A Volcanic Encounter

Our travels took us to Rabaul, a town completely destroyed by a volcanic eruption. Rabaul has been relocated to a nearby area as the original is buried under many feet of volcanic ash.  We stood on top of the former school, buried under the grey-black ash and drove to the edge of the volcano which still smokes.  A strangely beautiful although barren landscape, incredibly peaceful - reminded us of a film set for a moonscape.

Rabaul is the first place we have visited in PNG which has allowed us to wander around quite freely and safely.  We will definitely return and it will be on our list of places to visit if any friends or family manage the long journey out to visit us in PNG.