Saturday, 14 May 2011

Ninety One Prisoners Released in Commado Style Raid

Sandra with the overland transport

The newspaper headline caught our attention as the following week we were travelling to the same area and driving overland. The following day the newspaper gave us some hope as one of the prisoners was shot dead - but still 90 on the loose! We flew to Mount Hagen the day after they had experienced a bit of a rock throwing riot! (locally known as a "rock concert"!). We travelled in a huge Toyota Landcruiser driven by Clement and took along three security guys just in case there were any problems. Fortunately we didn't encounter any escaped prisoners, armed bandits or problems just lots of potholes and landslips. The Highlands area is stunningly beautiful and offers just about any fruit or vegetable you could ever wish for.  Phil (and Clement) discovered a cunning way of shutting Sandra up for a while by making sure she had a constant supply of fresh strawberries! Had an amazing cocktail in Goroka - black sambuca, peach schnapps and creme de banana - blue in colour and tastes like an alcoholic blackjack sweet! Sadly, we only had one of them which wasn't enough to make us sleep through the all-night singing provided by one (probably) drunken Highlander.
Phil had two strange dreams brought on by the Highland air. One that Sandra had ballooned up to 150 kilos without him realising (he has been watching the "Biggest Loser" on TV) and the other that Kenny Dalgleish had bought him some Highland coffee!! Actually maybe it was the cocktail not the Highland air!