Saturday, 12 March 2011

Flying Air Niugini Style

The Story So Far
Phil and Sandra are travelling to visit two  schools  in Madang and Wewak.
Flight details given a week in advance.
On Tuesday flights confirmed
On Wednesday 3.20pm  informed we are only waitlisted for flights
On Wednesday 4.300pm informed we are confirmed again
Friday decide to check if accommodation is booked for us, told no as our flights are only waitlisted
(Phil – not renowned for his patience in these situations gives vent but to no avail)
Despite much pestering and posturing flights remain waitlisted until Saturday morning
Oh and it transpires there is now no accommodation in Wewak
Oh and there is a serious tsunami warning Friday night for Madang (fortunately they escaped damage)
By Saturday it appears all is miraculously confirmed.
Phil and Sandra set the alarm for 6.00am on Sunday. Get to the airport in good time only to be told the flight is cancelled. But there will be another flight at 11.30. We check in and leave the airport as we don’t fancy a 5 hour wait in the Paradise Lounge (don’t be fooled by the name- BA Lounge it isn’t). We are hoping it will be on time. The only good news is we appear to have business class seats 1a and 1b but of course it could mean we are flying the plane!! (and the 11.30 could also be cancelled)

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