Thursday, 3 February 2011

After The Cyclone

The cyclone passed over at about midnight last night and certainly made a lot of noise, fortunately not much damage just broken branches fallen trees etc.
Many thanks for those who participated in our ready steady cyclone cook based on Phil's rather poor shopping attempt. Today Phil and Sandra went shopping. The above picture represents the sum total of our expedition today. Phil got very excited at one shop when he saw some frozen packets marked prawns and squid - until Sandra pointed out they were in the fishing bait section of the shop; so they left with the cup a soups, crisps and a can of baked beans. Although roads are fine and everything seems back to normal virtually every shop was closed. The feast treats above were found in two shops. We are now fed up with curlywurlys and would welcome some fresh fruit and veg but this doesn't appear to be possible.
No luck with alcohol of any description so if the bottle shop opens tomorrow we will hit it hard! There's only so much tea and sprite you can drink.

Finally flights and visas sorted so we fly to Brisbane on Monday and Port Moresby on Tuesday hurrah!

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