Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Phil Goes Cyclone Shopping

With a tropical cyclone fast approaching Cairns heading straight for our apartment we felt it advisable to stock up on vital provisions. Phil returned from the supermarket with
  1. 2 bottles of wine
  2. a big packet of doritos
  3. some hot chilli dip
  4. a very large bar of chocolate
The aussies were buying water, tinned food and bread for when the electricity gets cut off but that sounded a bit soft to us.
We do have 2 eggs, 4 cobs of sweetcorn, garlic, soymilk, 1 potato, a tablespoon of honey and 4 bananas. If anyone has a good recipe which would be worth attemting a la ready steady cook please email phil on stephenson.phil@gmail.com.  It would be particularly handy if no cooking was  required as power may be cut off quite soon.

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