Friday, 22 April 2011

Kimbe (After the riots)

 As you can see Kimbe is a beautiful place. the week before we visited though there was a full scale riot as a policeman had beaten to death someone for spitting betlenut juice! The local tribe took umbridge and marched on the town setting light to government buildings and looting the local shops for good measure. Things were quiet when we were there but shopping more limited than usual!

We were there to visit one of our schools but were able to extend the trip for another night so we could do some recreation too. On the Saturday we went out on a boat and snorkelled which was great and a relaxing way to spend a Saturday.

 The hardy youngsters were playing in their Spiderman tent in the school but bear in mind the temperature is in the high thirties but they weren't fazed by this as you can see!
Sandra on the hotel jetty

Not sure if Phil was trying to be arty with this shot or if the girl just looked up at the last minute!

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