Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Newspapers, supermarket announcements and a localised drought

A new resolution is to read the local newspaper. It is published daily and for some reason we get a copy delivered to our office. The highlight this weekend was found when reading about a conference in a faraway place. The list of companies was quite long but half way down was "Mr Shit". Further research revealed that he owns a fertiliser company and stood for election in the 1997 election. There is a facebook campaign "Vote for Mr Shit" . There are elections in 2012 so he's got our vote!
There are some very entertaining letters and articles which makes any UK paper seem very tame indeed.

Whilst walking through a supermarket yesterday there was an announcement over the tannoy saying " would Sharon Fuk come to the office", I was the only one who batted an eyelid though. There was also another person we came across the other day who was called Mrs Tuat ! School boy humour - it never dies!!

We are used to internet, TV and power failure but water failure at home is a new thing. Last night we were left with a trickle. Thoughtfully Phil switched to beer so as not to diminish water supplies in the kettle. Convinced all would be well in the morning we awoke with great expectation, sadly no water though. Never mind the work force has been mobilised and the guy who is going to fit a new battery in my car (yes that broke down too - but fortunately on the drive) will take a look. I am confident we will have water again certainly by the end of the week. Interestingly the water pressure at the office is now very low so we may resort to collecting rainfall soon.

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