Sunday, 30 January 2011

Kangaroos and Kookaburras

We are still in Cairns but have had xrays, bloodtests and medicals which should allow us to get our work visa at long last. There seems to be no shortcuts to the bureacracy so we have tried to keep calm and carry on!

Sandra has continued in her role as wildlife spotter by noticing a family of kangaroos near to where we are staying. There are warning signs by the roadside as they can be quite a hazard if the hop over the road when you are bombing along at 70mph!

 Sandra thought she had heard a kookabura when we visited this area the other day and insisted on singing "Kokkabura sits in the old gum tree ............" but we didn't get a sighting until the following day when this one presented itself on the roof of a shelter. It was very regal and was totally indifferent to our presence. Thankfully Sandra didn't sing the kookabura song again.

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