Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Captain's Seat Belt

Travelling on Air Niugini there have been a large number of reasons given for delays but today was a first. We were all on-board our Dash 8 twin prop plane slightly ahead of take-off time. Then came the announcement that there was a minor engineering fault on the plane which was being rectified then we would be on our way. Not what we wanted to hear. The air steward put our minds at rest though by informing us the problem was the captain’s seat belt did not work.
When the crew disembarked it transpired that the captain was a very rotund fellow. The gentlemen in front of us spoke for us all by saying “well it looks like the captain needs to lose weight!” Sadly there was not enough time for this. A flurry of activity and much scratching of heads and a variety of vehicles appeared outside the plane. After a good 20 minutes a man turned up in a pickup truck proudly carrying a screwdriver! A further 10 minutes and another screwdriver later and we were on our way.
When the crew had disembarked for the seatbelt to be mended another issue came to mind.  There were three crew who had emerged from the cockpit.  Bearing in mind this was a Dash 8, the captain was of gargantuan proportion and the second was not exactly small, it brought very interesting thoughts to minds as to where the third person was sitting??!!

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