Friday, 29 July 2011

A Meeting With Mr Shit

For some time we have known about an almost legendary guy from PNG called Mr Shit. In the 1997 elections he stood as a candidate with a clever and most appropriate election slogan. His company at that time sold animal-based fertiliser and his political slogan was pig shit, chicken shit, cow shit but definitely no BULLSHIT! Sadly he wasn't elected and went broke in the process as the campaigns seem to involve giving away large sums of money.
He now sells Mr Shit t-shirts and hats at the local tourist market. We met him today and had a chat. What a lovely guy. We are sure he would have made a great politician but sadly this was not to be. He has a facebook group dedicated to him (vote for Mr Shit). He was unaware of this but amused nonetheless. He introduced us to his daughter and let us take a couple of pictures.
We will visit him again when the market is open next month. Anyone want a T Shirt?


  1. His election posters became collector's items (VOTE SHIT)

  2. My Best Mate but he has passed on, till we meet again RIP.

  3. Is there a picture somewhere of the truck?