Monday, 18 July 2011

There and Back Again or Round the World in Twenty Six Days

Well we survived the circumnavigation of the globe! Round the world in 26 days.

     View from the hotel window Waikiki      With Tom and Lindsay in Toronto
Flying to Sydney, on to Honolulu, Toronto, London, Dubai, Brisbane then back to PNG. No wonder we are both so knackered and keep waking up at strange times our body clocks are all over the place still!! It was fantastic to catch up with everyone but did seem a bit hectic at times - we have come back to work for a rest - ha ha!

Highlights and Low Lights (you decide)
  • Phil managed to get his suitcase lost twice on 2 legs of the journey but did reacquaint himself with clean underwear (and suitcase) fairly speedily. This was the FIRST time he had ever had a bag misplaced in many years of travelling and it happened twice!
  • Although the real ale may have added a few inches to his waistline Phil has managed to imbibe sufficiently until the next opportunity.
  • Returning to PNG and our lovely house we realised that there were quite a lot of things we had missed. Our reunion with Cocky the cokatoo was quite moving.
  • Driving in other countries is just not so much fun. Phil is right back into the bumper cars approach to driving out here and found speed limits and everyone obeying the highway code a little tiresome in USA and UK.
  • The sheer number of inappropriate remarks Phil was able to make during the Gay Pride Festival in Toronto was impressive. (Personal favourite - after seeing another group of men in skimpy speedos "well it's all very well and good but you don't want it rammed down your throat really do you?")

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