Saturday, 15 January 2011

Cairns and Beyond

Having escaped Brisbane we have moved into a very lovely apartment in North Cairns. The weather is very hot, scenery great and the cricket's on the telly! What's not to like!
We hired a car from the airport ( a rather strange automatic Nissan something) and have been exploring the coastline.

There are warning signs all over telling of the dangers of crocodiles. Hopefully we won't encounter any. There are also small fish called stingers who surprisingly sting you quite badly. there are 2 treatments for the stings one is vinegar (there are bottles of this along the beach area) or urine. We will probably keep out of the stinger water areas as the treatment could be a true test of friendship and if you are on your own it could be really tricky!

Drove up the coast today and wandered in Mossman Gorge rainforest. Supposed to be the oldest rainforest. Brush turkeys wandering around everywhere, they even have their very own road signs to warn you. Rushed out of the apartment this afternoon to investigate very loud squawks - a couple of very large parrots either fighting over territory or peforming a weird mating ritual.

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