Saturday, 15 January 2011

From Singapore to Australia

After a long hot walk and several detours Phil eventually Add Videofound the restaurant he was looking for where you eat curry from a banana leaf with your hand (not both hands Sandra! - the reason for one handedness is toilet related!). It was our favourite meal in Singapore and was washed down with a couple of Tiger beers. And yes Sandra managed to progress to drinking beer without lemonade!
We walked every day in the beautiful Botanic Gardens. It was always full of walkers, joggers, 'Moms' exercising with babies in strollers and many people doing Tai Chi. It was lovely in the early morning, not too hot or humid. Had to stop at the noodle shop on the way back each time for a bit of breakfast!Travelling in Asia you get used to seeing some unusual food choices but the worst yet has to be 'Lavender Frog Porridge' - I kid you not!

The news is full of the dreadful flooding in Queensland and the imminent threat to Brisbane - just as we are about to fly there. We have confirmed with the hotel and airline that we should travel. Arrived in Brisbane the day after the peak. Very sad for this beautiful city. Bad news comes through for us that the work permits are still not through and we have to wait. Getting a bit stir crazy in one room with so much luggage, decide to fly to Cairns and book into an apartment hotel. What a treat, a kitchen!!

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