Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Phil takes a trip down memory lane

Return to the Colbar

Phil met up with Mr Lim and revisited the scene of many Friday afternoon drinks sessions. The place has been moved piece by piece from its original location to even closer to the school. Mr and Mrs Lim were sorry that the picture of the Tanglin teachers had faded away. Well it was 30 years old! The menu is the same and the place as popular as ever.

Return to Tanglin
We visited Tanglin School and were shown around by a member of staff. The school now has 2600 students aged 3-18 and is vast.
As we were walking around who should we see but Fandi! It was great to see him. He is still in the Resources Room but is now in charge.
We were shown some of the Tanglin magazines and saw many pictures with Phil and the gang of five teachers (Mark, Tommy, Dr Bum, Dennis, Alan and Barry - and yes we know that's more than 5).

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