Saturday, 22 January 2011

Phil and Sandra Explore Yorkey's Knob and Encounter Monsoon Conditions

Since we snorkelled on the Great Barrier Reef on Tuesday it has been raining, raining and raining. The tropical storm may be developing into a cyclone but there's still time to do a spot of childish photography (yes we did drive all the way to Yorkey's Knob (a beach village on the Queensland coast) just to take a picture! Also had a puncture on a main highway so had to change a tyre in the pouring rain (first time in 25 years)
The weather has meant that we have had ample time to explore the Australian TV network. Previously we had thought US television was an all time low but the line up here includes: The Brady Bunch, Dukes of Hazard, Midsomer Murders (with a PG rating), Happy Days, I Dream of Genie, Bewitched, Filipino News, Dutch News, Spanish News, Russian News, Mork and Mindy BUT we do have live cricket. Unfortunately ever since we have been watching England have failed to win a match.
Hoping for sunshine tomorrow and visas next week.
Sandra is now getting quite cross every time Phil lapses into his aussie accent (this is happening more and more frequently).
She says I'd better not sign off with g'day mate but g'day, she'll be right.

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