Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Searching for Nemo - In Lycra Sting Suits!

Still awaiting our work visas so decided to take a trip out to the Great Barrier Reef. Snorkelling involved not just a mask, snorkel and flippers but also a rather fetching sting suit. This little lycra outfit prevents stings but does nothing to flatter as you can see!
In fact if anyone does find anyone attractive in one of these outfits it is probably a very worrying fetish!
Believe it or not when we got on the boat they announced we were going to Hastings Reef! So we felt quite at home.
The reef was fantastic, very colourful with thousands of fish. On the first snorkelling trip we almost couldn't swim back to the boat as the current was strong and we had drifted away from the boat.
The crew were fantastic but for those of you in education it was a bit like being on a "PGL Experience". The CD playing on the way back was very much like Thursday night at the Crypt so Sandra felt very much at home.

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